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Policy comparisons – Liberal, Labor and Greens

We have had conversations with a range of parties and independents concerning their approach to people seeking asylum and refugees living in the Australian community. The following scorecard sums up our understanding of each party’s policies against our own policy platform.

The following policy comparisons have been issued by our friends at the Refugee Council of Australia and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. They are more comprehensive and we recommend them to people wanting to consider a broader range of policies around refugees and people seeking asylum.

Other parties and independents

The following links have been compiled by the Refugee Council of Australia and link to relevant party policies:

The following independents also have policies relating to refugees and people seeking asylum:

The Back Your Neighbour Candidate Pledge

We have also asked all candidates contesting the 2022 Federal Election to commit to our Candidate Pledge, which asks them to support people seeking asylum as a candidate – and as an MP if elected. You can download our sign here and send us a message of support here.




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