Back Your Neighbour Campaign / Local Government Mayoral Taskforce – Community support for people seeking asylum in Australia

Australia is keeping around 100,000 people living in limbo for over a decade while their applications for asylum are stuck in a broken system.

This cruel approach prevents individuals and families from gaining the stability that refugee status provides. The result is vulnerable people living on the edge for years.

People seeking asylum who live in the community are also denied access to a number of critical support services such as healthcare, income support, public housing, homelessness, education, mental health and material aid.

This leaves highly vulnerable individuals and families with nothing to survive on but help from local charities and councils.

The Federal Government has a responsibility to process asylum claims quickly and to support to people until they can move forward with their lives in a positive way.

Australians support each other in hard times and we are asking our Federal Government to do the same.

It’s time to stand up for our neighbours, friends and local communities who need certainty, stability and support to rebuild their lives.

Ramzi Hussaini

Separated from his family as a child fleeing war. Now he saves lives on Victoria's beaches.

Nayran Tabiei

Fled Syria with her family during the civil war. Now she cooks meals for the homeless and the elderly.

Zia Atahi

Escaped the Taliban. Now he helps disadvantaged young people in Dandenong find their voice.