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Nayran Tabiei

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Nayran Tabiei

Cooks meals for the homeless

Nayran Tabiei arrived in Australia fleeing the violent civil war in Syria. She left behind a successful career as a chef to bring her daughter to safety in Australia.

Today, Nayran uses her cooking skills to make meals for the homeless. Every Friday, Nayran cooks, serves, and cleans up hundreds of meals, making sure vulnerable people are well fed. She also volunteers to run cooking and craft classes for the elderly, and spends her Christmases making free meals. Because we supported Nayran when she first arrived, she is able to help hundreds of homeless and elderly people. Helping people fleeing war and persecution land on their feet allows them to give back to their communities and benefits everyone.

Join our campaign and show the government that we want to help people land on their feet. Because when we back people like Nayran, they have our back too.

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