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Ramzi Hussaini

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Ramzi Hussaini

Keeps families safe around the water

Ramzi Hussaini arrived in Australia after fleeing war in Afghanistan a decade ago. Initially separated from his family, the support of his neighbours and community helped him land on his feet and find a job.

Today, Ramzi works at Lifesaving Victoria, both as a lifeguard and as a community outreach staff member. From managing programs for children through to an active presence on Melbourne’s beaches, Ramzi plays a key role in helping families stay safe around the water.
Because we supported Ramzi when he first arrived, our beaches are safer. Helping people fleeing war and persecution land on their feet allows them to give back to their communities and benefits everyone.

Join our campaign and show the government that we want to help people land on their feet. Because when we back people like Ramzi, they have our back too.